Buchner Funnels -Glass Frit

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Buchner Funnels  -Glass Frit

Borosilicate with Standrd Joints 


  Glassware policy

All Glassware that arrives broken on arrival will be happily replaced.



Buchner Funnels  -Glass Frit

Borosilicate with Standrd Joints  24/29


  1. Used in Conjunction with Filter/Buchner Flasks that also have Joints.
  2. You don't formally need to use filter papers, but you can add them if needed
  3. Cleaning is done via basic detergents, but after a while  H2SO4, and HCL will bring them back to Original Condition.


  1. 100 & 200ml Funnels have no side tube
    All other Funnels will have a side tube 

    (If you don't need the side tube, you can just seal it off, but is better to have it just incase , as it give you the ability to use non specialised collection flask below it)

  2. 5000ml and above Funnels, have a b29 or b34 fitting,

    (just ask us after the sale if you need a specific Joint size)

-Just choose the size you need in the selection box. (meow)

* we make all items above 200ml Fresh, so allow a week or so.
All items over 200ml wil be shipped from out international office.
If this is an issue, just email us upfront, and we can redirect locally for a small fee

Buchner Funnels
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