Heating Mantles - Digital w. Magnetic Stirring
  • Heating Mantles - Digital w. Magnetic Stirring

Heating Mantles - Digital w. Magnetic Stirring

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Stirring Heating Mantles - Digital
Capacity : From 2000-10,000ml

Size: 2000ml

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We give every care to safe packaging, but should any item not arrive intact we will happily replace.

Heating Mantle Digital Intelligent with Stirring
Capacity :2000ml to 20L

-Items are built for each customer, so allow a week or so, when ordering.
-Model is constantly upgraded so aesthetics and function are constantly changing and improved

Brief Summary:
Extremely High Quality and workmanship.

Digital mantle, with temp control via external or internal probe, that has magnetic stirring, 

Accurate measurement of your flasks heating, or the ambient heat from the mantle.
Digital display, with push button heat setting control. Set your target heat, and forget.


1) Built-in temperature control maintains element temperature from ambient to 400°C ! 

2) Self - tuning : You can set temperature as you want  (Ambient to 400°C ) 

3) It can stop working automatically when setting temperature has achieved.

3) Temperature  Control Accuracy ± 1°C

*These Items are made to-order for each customer, and sent from Our Overseas Office - Allow 10 working days

Mantles over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.