Bunsen Burners

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Bunsen & Meker Burners

Various Types


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Bunsen & Meker Burners


Type 1.

Bunsen burner with stopcock valve

Gas burner producing single gas flame. Stopcock allows control of the gas flow.


Type 2.

Meker burner

Gas burner producing multiple gas flames. 

Compared with the Bunsen burner, the lower part of this tube has more openings with a larger total cross-sectional area, admitting more air and facilitating better mixing of air and gas. The tube is wider, and the top covered with a plate mesh, which separates the flame into an array of smaller flames with a common external envelope, which ensures uniform heating, and also prevents flashback to the bottom of the tube. The flame burns with reduced noise when compared to the Bunsen burner.


Type 3.

Bunsen burner without stopcock valve

Gas burner producing single gas flame. The simplest form of burner.


  • LPG or town gas, is fine, it just reflects a small amount of energy output difference.
  • A pictorial guide is in the photos section.

Bunsen Burners