Organic Chemistry Kit
  • Organic Chemistry Kit

Organic Chemistry Kit

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Organic Kit

Complete Kit - Various Sizes

Size: 500ml

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Organic Chemistry Kit

Complete Kits - Various Sizes 

Full Kits - A convenient way to get up and running


  • Boiling Flask - 1 Neck (size based on selection)
  • Heating Mantle to Suit
  • Still Head
  • Thermometer Adapter with Screw Cap
  • Thermometer 0 - 260C
  • Liebig Condenser 300mm
  • Receiver Adapter with Vacuum Take-off
  • 500ml Flat Bottom Flask
  • 5 x Keck Clips

Note: all joints are 24/29 unless indicated

Recommended Accessories:

  • Rubber tubing 8mm (enough to suit your system)
  • Retort Base & Rod
  • 2 x Boss Head
  • 2 x Clamp

VIC, WA, NSW, QLD require EUD for purchase of this item
NT, SA, TAS, ACT: No EUD required


Organic Kit