Overhead Stirrers

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Overhead Stirrers 

2 Types


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Overhead Stirrers 

2 Types


Both Units Shipped Direct from Supplier


  • Used to stir the crap out of solutions, when magnetic stirring won't do.
  • Budget Model - We are not happy about the prices of Standard Units, so we found this Model, to get you up and running
  • Standard Model - The real deal - High Performance - Good torque at low speeds

Budget Model - Chinese 100w - Aesthetic Color may change as Model updates

  • Specifications:
    Rotaion speed:Max.3000rpm
    Voltage: AC 220V
    Current:single-phase AC,220V±10%

    Package Included:
    1x controller
    1x motor
    1x bracket
    1 x stirrer
    2x supporters
    2x cross shaped joints
    4x screws

Standard Model - 50W

  • See Spec Sheet photo
  • Professional Unit, made by a University Co-operative.
  • The best Overhead Stirrers in the business.
  • we have sold a few of these, and never had any issues.
  • Comes with Propeller 50mm Stainless steel

    • Brushed DC motor Drive, penetrating type stirring shaft
    • MCU closed loop control, constant and stable rotational speed
    • Digital display and speed setting, rotary encoder operation
    • Ideal for thicker type liquid, and hard to stir solutions.


    • Stainless steel stirring rod and propeller blades.
    • 50W of low speed hi torque power
    • Rotation speed 50-1500
    • Dimension 185 x 85 x 190
    • 240 V 50 Hz A.C

From me:

I have sought this type of Overhead Stirrer out, because of its ability to spin both fast and slow with good torque, for thick substances.  
You see this type of stirrer, goes for around $2000, so we thought,
it would be a good idea if our customers could get it for a quarter of that.

Again, these are all backed by warranty, and a Manufacturer that simply kicks arse.

Also be aware that the free included stirrer blade worth $50, is a heavy duty Stainless steel propeller.
Length 350mm, Shaft Diameter 7.5mm, paddle width 55mm  

Overhead Stirrers
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