Drechsel Gas Washing Bottle
  • Drechsel Gas Washing Bottle

Drechsel Gas Washing Bottle

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Drechsel Gas Washing Bottle

Borosilicate Glass  3.3 - Various Types

Type: Standard

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Drechsel Gas Washing Bottle

Borosilicate Glass  3.3 - Available as standard straight inlet/outlets or bulb-type


For gas filtration and cleaning, gas washing bottles are required which consist of a gas distribution tube, a suitable vessel, and a gas outlet opening. In this setup, the gas is forced to flow through the liquid before it is released. The gas distribution pipe is immersed in the target liquid for this purpose, the gas bubbles through and impurities in the gas are bound in the liquid.

Also used to dissolve gasses in liquids.

Can also be used before a vacuum pump as a cold trap to condense solvent gasses prior to entering the pump.

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