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Borosilicate Glass  3.3

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Condensers - Most Types

Borosilicate Glass  3.3

 Joint Size 24/29


  1. Liebig : 300mm & 600mm
  2. Liebig: 300mm b14 (14/23)
  3. Allihn : 300mm & 600mm
  4. Graham :300mm & 600mm  (vapor travels through the spiral)
  5. Sprial/Reflux : 300mm & 600mm (Water travels through Spiral)
  6. Davies : 500mm (double surface - Ultra Efficient)
  7. Jacket Condenser 300mm & 500mm (Water travels through spiral)


  1. Used to condense ( see what I did there)  Vapor into liquid

Pro Tips: 

  1. Try to use Liebigs for downward distillations, as other columns will trap the water in the spirals, or bulbs
  2. By cooling the water, or increasing water flow, you can increase the condensing power.
  3. As soon as you see steam come out of the end of condenser, then you have reached its limit, and you need to adjust the above variables, or back off the heat.

Condensors require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.
The rest of the states can relax, for now... (ie No iD required)