You Tube Organic Kit

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YouTube Organic Kits

Complete Kits - Various Sizes


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YouTube Organic Kits

Complete Kits : Various Sizes 24/29

Full Kits: A convenient way to get up and running

Contents - All joints are 24/29 unless indicated

  • Boiling Flask 1N (size based on selection)

  • Heating Mantle to suit
  • Still Head
  • thermometer adapter with screw cap
  • themometer 0- 260c
  • Liebig Condensor 300mm
  • Reciever adapter Vacuum
  • 500ml Flat bottom flasks
  • 5 x Keck Clips

Optional Accessories. (add these to your cart)

  • Rubber tubing 10mm (enough to suit your system)
  • retort base & Rod
  • 2 x boss head
  • 2 x clamp

*Beware buying these items from Overseas Sellers, as Border Force is known to destroy them, or worse.
Having the correct paperwork, avoids this.

Buy Australian.

Kits over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.
The rest of the states can relax, for now... (ie No iD required)


You Tube Organic Kit
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