Round Bottom Flasks

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Round bottom Flasks

Single & Multi Neck

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Round bottom Flasks

Single & Multi Neck 

Round bottom flasks: A convenient sturdy boiling flask

  • They come in multi-neck and single neck with a standardised 24/29 fitting.

  • We have standardised these flasks, and are phasing out 2 neck flasks, so customers can enjoy the extra joint for free.

  • Heating:  mantle , Oil Bath or flame, care must be taken to ensure uniform heating.

Joint Sizes are 24/29 on all flasks, except stated below

5000ml 3 neck    24/34/24
10000ml 3 neck  24/34/24
20000ml 3 neck  24/34/24

Flasks over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.
The rest of the states can relax, for now... (ie No iD required)


After Purchase, just send completed EUD below.

round bottom flasks
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