Flat bottom Flasks
  • Flat bottom Flasks

Flat bottom Flasks

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Flat bottom Flasks

Single & Multi Neck

# of Necks: 1
Size: 150ml
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We give every care to safe packaging, but should any item not arrive intact we will happily replace.

Flat bottom Flasks

Single & Multi Neck + Kit

Flat bottom flasks: A convenient sturdy flask, able to stand upright without support,
as apposed to it's big brother the Round bottom flask.

Flat Bottom flasks, have slightly less structural strength, but their strength is no Licence or EUD is needed.

  • They come in multi-neck and single neck with a standardised 24/29 fitting.

  • We have standardised these flasks, and no longer sell 2 neck flasks, so customers can enjoy the extra joint for free.

  • Heating: Can be used on hotplates, mantle and open flame, if care is taken to ensure uniform heating.

Kit = 1 x 150ml + 1 x 250ml + 1 x 500ml Flat bottom flasks

Some Flasks over 5K will need to be made fresh for each customer, giving you the chance to decide which joints you need.

flat bottom flasks