Liebig Condenser

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Liebig Condenser

Borosilicate glass 3.3


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Liebig Condensers 

Borosilicate glass 3.3 

All joints 24/29

Liebig : 300mm & 600mm


  1. Used to condense vapour into liquid
  2. Straight glass tube through which the vapour passes, coolant jacket surrounds this to cool the vapour
  3. 8mm inner diameter hosing suits the coolant ports on this product


  1. Coolant should always be pumped IN at the lower port, OUT at the upper port
  2. For condenser orientations other than vertical, Liebig condensers are the ideal choice as other condenser types will trap the condensate in the spirals or bulbs
  3. Liebig condensers can also be used in a vertical configuration
  4. By cooling the water or increasing water flow you can increase the condensing power
  5. Should steam be coming out of the end of condenser then the condensing limit has been reached. Back off the heat or increase the condensing power using the above variables

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