Short Path Distillation

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Short Path Distillation

Compact Distillation Units for Commercial Use

Heating/Stirring Mantle
Chiller & Vacuum Pump

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Short Path Distillation

Compact Distillation Units for Commercial Use


A change is coming......



  • New popular Kits for the emerging Natural Products for the health market.
  • Can purify  oils from extracted from plants, for use in Medicine and healing.
  • Post Commercial Oil extraction purification Via Reduced atmosphere Distillation


  • New popular Kits for the emerging Natural Health Market.
  • Once you have your impure Oil extracted from plant material , this glassware kit will let you distill it under vacuum, without it decomposing



  • Distilling  High Boiling Point Oils extracted from plants, generally, will burn and or decompose the active ingredients, resulting in charring, and a big mess.
  • By reducing the atmosphere, or applying a strong vacuum, when you are distilling, you can avoid this.


These kits have been made with that exact purpose in mind.

How to choose your Kit

  • There are 3 types of Kit  (Glassware only)  (glassware + Stirring Mantle)  (Glassware + Stirring Mantle +Chiller + Vacuum)
  • *Glassware kits come with Lab Jacks 


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Short-Path Distillation for Precise Oil Extraction - Theory

It is possible to extract oils from plants in a number of ways, often using alcohol, solvents, or supercritical CO2. After extracting the crude oil from the cannabis plant, the oil is purified by distillation and can be extracted individually to yield clear and clean distillates that are 99% pure and this is done by controlling the pressure and temperature of distillation in a process known as short-path distillation.


Short-path distillation is specifically suitable to plant oils because it avoids thermal decomposition of the volatile compounds. Precise distillation is very critical for the production of medicinal  oils.


In short-path distillation, the crude  extract is heated in a flask with reduced pressure. The heat is slowly increased, and the crude oil constituent molecules boil at their specific boiling points in order to form vapors. The vapors ascend a short distance into a vertical condenser, where water cools them and the compounds in the oil are collected separately.






Flasks over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

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Short Path Distillation