Reactors - Large Scale Synthesis

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We give every care to safe packaging, but should any item not arrive intact we will happily replace.


Various Sizes


Lets just get that out of the way.


This is serious next level Glassware, and hardware.
In a nutshell, these kits are just large distillation rigs, made for the pharmaceutical industry.

They are double jacketed, with massive powerful motors, for stirring, along with gauges, and meters to monitor the reaction etc.

To get them up and running, you need a heating and/or cooling source, that can be fed through the glass Jacket, of the reaction vessels,
Which then circulates around the jacket, cooling or heating your reaction.  Additional accessories are a Vacuum source.

We have included the basic accessories Via the drop down list. 

Please contact us for accessories for the 10L and up models, as they may require to be shipped VIA Sea.
Any Questions, please feel free to contact us

All specs, and notes are in the photo section, for each product.

Basic Drawing Below


Flasks over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.
The rest of the states can relax, for now... (ie No iD required)