Vacuum Pumps II

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Vacuum Pumps II

Various Sizes

Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum Pumps II

Various Sizes - Diaphragm & Water recirculators

Typically these are used in conjunction with our Rotary evaporators or Reactors.  

But also used as standalone vacuum source for your lab. The SHB-III is the most affordable Vacuum source for the Lab.

Water recirculating Vacuum Pump Basics

  • Normally in labs, to get a fast vacuum, you normally hook up a Venturi to a faucet or tap.
    But that wastes Water.
  • These are the natural evolution of that principle, whislt recirculating/re-using the water, over and over

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Basics

  • This is how is done, in the Real Scientific, Money is no object World.
  • Uses Diaphragm technology to provide a good strong vacuum

We sell 4 Water Models (SHB-III, SHB-G, SHB-B95, SHB-B95T)

  • Designed for the budget, but also powerful, and incredibly versatile in the lab

We sell 2 Diaphragm Models (MP-201 & MP 401)

  • High End, powerful, and compact.

Just Choose which one suits your Needs.....

Vacuum Pumps II