Chillers - Recirculating

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Chillers - Recirculating

Various Sizes


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Chillers - Recirculating

Various Sizes

Typically these are used in conjunction with our Rotary evaporators or Reactors.  Gives the ability to chill your reactions for use with condensing or via the reaction vessel Jackets.

Chiller Basics

  • We have chosen the Models best suited for Price, and use
  • Just select the model that best suits your needs and price.

We sell 2 Models

  • The Dl -400 (multi purpose general all rounder (-15c ro 25c) 400W
  • Dl _ series ( DL30-300, DL30-700, DL-30-1000, DL30-2500)

(Legend: DLX - Y  Min Temp = X, Y = Cooling capacity (W) )

Applications & Uses

  • Applications in Chemistry and Biology, like Atomic absorption, ICP-MS, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, chemical reaction vessel (synthetic vessel) etc.
  • Material Area: Electron Microscopy, X-ray diffraction, X fluorescence, Magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating machine, Laser machine etc.
  • Equipped with world famous brand compressor, ensure low noise, high reliability, stable performance and long life span.
  • High performance circulating pump or imported high pressure vane pump with stable and reliable quality. Pump pressure is adjustable.
  • Completely closed circulation system prevents bath fluid from evaporation or contamination.
  • Built-in filters in circulation hose avoids possible blockage.

Chillers - Recirculating
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