Rotary Evaporators

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Rotary Evaporators

Sizes up to 50L

Vacuum Pump

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We give every care to safe packaging, but should any item not arrive intact we will happily replace.



Rotary Evaporators

Sizes up to 50L

Buying big ticket Items, you want to know your getting the best,
Or at least getting a model, the is cost effective, reliable, with great backing and support.

Well you have just found it. 

After 7 Years, we are confident, that these are the best models on all essential requirements that ARE important

  • aesthetically pleasing - These are the best looking Models going around
  • reliability - They will work, and if they ever stop, you can easily get them fixed, without hassle or undue cost
  • Long Lasting, well built, and a Company that knows its stuff, and a service provider (me) that will provide second to none support

Whether you want just the Rotary Evaporator, or the essential access.

We have taken the time, to match all the systems to their correct accessories, so all you need to do, is choose the type that suits you best.

Rotary Evaporator Basics

  • All homes should have one.
  • To get the Full use out of them, they should have access to A chiller, and A Vac Pump
  • The Vac pump provides the ability to increase the range and speed of Solution to evaporate.
  • The chiller provides a mechanism to remove lower boiling points solvents, that need extra cooling to recondense
  • And to to stop decomposition of volatile compounds, and  sensitive Liquids

At the end of the day, a rotary vap, is a great way to increase solvent removal, and aid crystallization in the lab.
Every lab should have one.

Specs for all the Pumps, and Chillers are available under their products in the catalog.

Be careful buying these from Chinese sellers on Ebay, and other platforms etc, as you will be getting more issues, than it solves.
We have been doing this 7 Years, and know what is good, and what is not.


Flasks over 500ml require an EUD if you live in QLD

VIC, WA, NSW require ID only to be emailed after purchase.
The rest of the states can relax, for now... (ie No iD required)


Rotary Evaporators