About us

Our company

7 Years and still growing strong and loving it.! (yep, lovin' it)

Our Reputation is extremely important to us, and you.

Knowing we will always fix your orders, go the extra mile, and share our combined passion of Chemistry.

We have served thousands customers from this website, and thousands from Ebay.
We are here all the time, and are here to help.
When you truly love doing something, it is no coincidence that it becomes something much more than just a business.

We truly love Chemistry and lab glass, and if this sounds like you, then stick around, and we will get you what you need.


Our team

We Don't employ 20+ staff

We don't even lease a commercial premise.
In fact, we don't know what we are doing half the time!

 But there are 2 things we do have in our favor.

One is a deep love for Chemistry & Lab Glassware, and the other is an unusual desire to eliminate all unnecessary costs throughout the accepted supply Chain.

We don't have huge product lines' or diversified products,
We just try to do one thing well,  and that is Lab Glass.

We have formed REAL relationships with expert Glassblowers around the World,  who make our glass,  from our designs, made to our standards, and our needs.

 In fact, there is really no 'we' or 'us'.

In truth, it is just you and me and a guy called Michael.

If we had a price ethos, it would probably read something like this....

'Why go out and buy a saucepan to boil an egg, when you can cut a beer can in half, and boil the egg in that. It makes no difference to the egg, but it does decrease the cost of producing it many times'

 My two goals in life, are to be involved with Lab glass, as it is a mysterious thing of immense beauty, a tool of creation like no other , that I know,

And the other is to buy a block of land in the country, build my own house, and live self sufficiently, and retire ASAP.

This is all I know, and these are my two great loves.

It is my sincere hope that with your help, I can achieve this, buy opening the world of lab glass to you,

Email: support@sciencesupply.com.au