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19th October 2017
Big News

5 years has gone so fast.
I just wanted to take some time, and thank all the customers that have helped us, make it this long, and exist.
We have learnt so much, possibly too much.
But as alwyas we are proud of what we all have done.

Can't believe that a bunch of idiots (us) has received a 100% feedback rating on ebay, for over 5,000 customers.

Now, what has happened is that, we have got to that point, where its too much work for me, and it is not scalable at the moment.
Next Year (2 months away) we are going to reboot everything. Start from the ground up, and apply all the fixes, and things we have learnt.

We will have new management, better processing, faster custom orders, clearer info for custom orders, on shippng times, and in and out of stock items etc.

Wish us luck, as this will be make or break stuff, and in the end, it will be a much simpler, smoother way to buy glassware in Australia.

Be good

2 February 2016

Crap. What a fast 2 years, have not even had the chance to poke my head out.
Just been too crazy busy with biz, and finishing off my house.

Doing the kitchen, and tiling at the moment.  Life has had me in a blur the last few years.  But without fail, I am here Mon to friday, business as usual.

Anyway, so much is happening, international business has started, our international  office and production facility is up and running, and time has never been such a luxury.
We will keep moving forward.
Is it too much to ask, to be a good international choice for glassware. Thats all I want. And getting to terms with the workload, and how to get things done, is where I am at at the moment.

Here is a good photo I saw, from a company that contacted me the other day.
Eat your heart out Walter.


11 July 2014

I had such a good time in thailand, where my family lives, that I may move there one day. I cannot, for legal reasons get into what I did over there, but lets just say, I am suffering mild depression, since leaving. I fell in love with many things, including a particular human, and urge all Australians to go to thailand before you die. I did things that would put my mother in her grave, and things that would even test my fathers, great understanding. :)

18th June 2014.

I was just messing with google search, and I entered gay liberal hair styles.

I kid you not, these freaks came up. The bishop sisters win hands down.

I think there is something much more sinister here at play, I mean, haven't you ever wondered how these evil MOFO's got elected despite 99% of us despising them, their beliefs, and now their hair styles. It even goes back as far as thatcher.

Now, no one I know, inthe real world, would adorn such a hair do, and I think this is the weak link in the armor.
I have a weird suspicion that in those hair do's hides something very untoward. Something that could easily be carried into parliament, and used to blow the whole lot of them up. I doubt it though, as when has a liberal done anyone any favours.

The Proof:

They have the means/hair to actually pull this off.

June 1st 2014

A tribute to my old cat.

23 May 2014

I am always flattered and humbled when my customers show their appreciation through their kinds words. I am deeply touched to know that my customers leave notes for me, saying they love me, and love what I do, and keep it up.

To find such love and respect amongst my customers. Just know, that I know, that you know, that I know, there is much work to be done to set glassware truly free. Passions are created by experimentation.

Unfortunately we are not free any more to do what we choose to do to our selves, as there is always some justification from the powes that be, that it is not a wise idea. Free will can be viewed in your local museum.

'Now thats a mascot'

"in the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard"
Lana Del Ray

Peace and much love to all my customers, and remember its not always that easy to tell who the gods or the monssters are these days. :)

**Believe it or not, you know that sound that comes over the phone line, when sending a fax. I knew a guy that could actually pick up a phone, and made those sounds vocally. I saw him send a fax to a friend. The best he could manage was a traingle shape. Not bad I thought..... He sometimes used it to log onto the net, when we had those old modems, that made that hideous sound.

Once he logged me on to adam BBS by mistake, just through his voice...

-Ebay removed 326 ebay listing last night, due to an apparent link policy violation.
Even though the links were not clickable.

Apparently I engaged in free speech, which was not part of their policy.

It has cost me 14 hours of hard work, and $400 to get it going again.
Apparently policies and contracts trump law, in Ebays Eyes.
But I am sure, we all know better. If I had a team of lawayers, no doubt I would win the case. Considering I give them over 100k per year, one would think this kind of action is criminal. I heard of a guy that wrote ozauction in his messages and was banned for ever.........:)


April 23 2014

World First in Science

Imagine if you will, a system of glassware that requires no glassblowing, and that lets you dictate the sizes etc at very little cost. Add to this system, the ability to make any piece of glassware from using only glass tubing and PTFE adapters.
Which would mean a 200-500% drop in prices.

We have chosen to start with condensors, and will build upon this over time.

ie, for a 1 metre liebig condensor, you can pay up to $400.
What if I said you could make your own, for under $20.

Ie 2 bits of inexpensive glass tubing, 2 adapters and two connectors.
(the connectors will cost less than a couple of bucks)

Here are the prototypes:


The glass connects via teflon tubing, and the end caps are water tight.!
The water barbed connectors are being logistically incorporated, and will be available soon. We are going to use 3D printing to make Science come alive again.

We will let all customers access our 3D images, so they can print there own end caps themselves, further reducing costs. This is the best way for scientist to judge and make glassware more suited to their actual needs, and not be fobbed off with generic stuff. This will change everything. Did we say that the connectors are flexible? Try doing that with glass jointed glassblown stuff.

This stuff takes time, and over the months you will see a complete kit made from this system. It will be the world's first DIY lab kit. The scope is huge.. This will change everything......

Tony Abbott - Wrecking Ball from smallpoppytv on Vimeo.

March 20th 2014

The last three months have been nothing short of a manageable nightmare.
I had 2 large deliveries within a period of a few weeks, factory inspections, detox from medication issues, insomnia, for over 8 weeks, and a workload that continues to increase, making me literally work 12 hour days, many, many weeks in a row.

I used to be a 3 hours of work a day man, and 6 hours on a busy day, but this is getting out of hand.
I am probably at maximum capacity, maximum stress, and missing out on all my creature habits like, relaxing, and reading.  I have become essentially a glorified Box packer, almost too busy to actually enjoy  all these wonderful items, that I sell. Combine all that with the fact that I am trying to build my house while all this is happening, makes it quite the challenge.
Any offers to buy my business outright, will be considered, as I think I have taken this as far, as I can. The next step, is up to the next owner, if that ever happens. I think around $80k for the biz plus stock, should be a good price. The biz does turnover around $150k.  I don’t want to sell, but if an offer is made, I will listen. I have taken it from $0 to $150k, so I would like to think the next owner can get it up to $500k per year.

I have had issues, with some customers who were doing the wrong thing. Out of 2100+ sales, only a couple are doing the wrong thing.

Let me make this clear.
We sell to legal drug manufacturers, and not the illegal ones, OK!
In fact we are involved in the setting up of glassware for the preparation of a lot of drugs, which help save MANY, MANY peoples lives.

Police use glassware as a tool to target illegal cooks, despite whether we like this or not. Perhaps they could target water sales at supermarkets, as well, right?

There is no crime in buying glassware, and all humans have the right to buy glassware. And buying glassware does not represent a crime, or the intent to commit a crime. It is harmless glass, which keeps getting a bad rap, because of a few people, that do the wrong thing. The crime happens when the chems get mixed, and not before.

It is my dream to open up glassware, and let everyone have some, without prejudice, scrutiny, or discrimination. The issue is that IF a cook buys from me, it will actually put pressure on me to close the store.  And since this is my passion, this is the last thing I would want.  Every person that buys glassware from me, to make illegal drugs, is just catalyzing the close of this business. And I would like very much, if people just did not do this.  Don’t get me wrong, I love drugs, just as much as sick people do, just like any of the 12 million doctors out there that prescribe them.  So if you intend to divert glassware from me, for shonky purposes, know that you are actually going to cause me harm, and yourself.

I was not born yesterday, and I know that the drug laws prohibit people making drugs for themselves, which causes the emergence of Cooks. Prohibition is the primary reason for these cooks. I also know that cooks and crims, are products of society, and we as a society have created them, and we should be more responsible to them, rather than just locking them up, for absurdly long time frames. We should educate them, and point them in the right direction, and that is exactly what I am going to do, right now. I am a civil libertarian at heart, and have deep respect for all humans on this planet, and believe it or not, I fight hard, so that everyone gets treated equally.

Facts on Cooks and crime:

  1. Making money illegally is easy, and offers no pride, or satisfaction
    making money legally is the real challenge.
  2. Eventually all cooks get caught, there is no avoiding this.

Think about this one very hard and long.

  1. It may sound all good in theory, making drugs, from basic chems, to convert into a high profit, but once you actually do it, the fear, risk, and stress, will follow you everywhere.
    You will have to associate with very dangerous people, to sell your product, and there is almost zero chance, that you won’t get caught. And the danger is that once you get away with it, you are programming the rest of your life, with a curse, that you may start-up time and time again.
  1. If you feel the allure of making a prohibited substance, and there is nothing anyone can do or say to you, to stop this type of thought, please, for god’s sake, make something legal.

There are tons of research drugs, that are legal, and the feeling of working within the law, will be your saving grace.

  1. The holistic consequences of doing something against the law, of this magnitude, are so dangerous, that it should never be considered.

December 31st


December 17th

My Humble Glass Blowing stuff - I also have a cheap kiln $500


Always use flashbacks 2 x of each ( 4 in total) and the proper eyewear -

A note to all my customers:

Thank you to every single customer that has ordered this year.
You have truly made my life unimaginably better than it was before I started this business.

As most of you know, Life has not been the easiest for me or my brother as little than 3 years ago we were both destitute, and living in a Men’s shelter after countless rentals, believe it or not.

Our Mother left when we were young, when my Brother developed Schizophrenia.

I have been looking after him, for a few years, in these Men’s shelters, and eventually he was approved a house. (We help each other out, whenever we can. We are always there for each other. There are times when I was homeless, when he has helped me, so we are both on the same page. Once I was staying at his place, and some loon tried to break in, and eventually died, and was then found dead, in the lounge room. Just craziness. Talk about insant Karma).

I went to Uni and my life changed for the better. I was still broke and was living on $2 a day, for over 15 years.
We used to wait till the rich kids half-finished they’re meals, and we would casually eat the remains, from time to time. We laughed about it, as we knew the story.

Not having a house, or a family to turn to, since I was 16, made me determined to build my own house, without a bank loan, so that no-body could take it away from me.

I never thought I would ever achieve this goal, and saving up money on the dole, was going to take me 3 years, if I lived in a tent, on someone’s land for free. Trust me, I had begun to do this, and it was only a few months after this, was that the glassware business fell into my hands, after a lot of soul searching of what I love in life. It was the one thing I truly loved all my life, and it was always staring me in the face. I just did not know how to make a lifestyle out of it.

I did a business course, and the rest is history.
I bought my land outright last year, and am now saving up to build the house.

I am halfway there with the cost of the house, so my deepest thanks to everyone here that has literally bought the land and helped me achieve this.

Thank for from the bottom of my heart.
I think I will own the first house ever built from Science.

I am proud of who I am, and my past, and would not change it for the world.
It shows that if you really want something in this life, then it is possible.
Who wants to pay a bank back the same amount as you borrow right, not me.

I am very humbled by the support I have received over the past few years.

November 21st 2013:

November 8th 2013:

smallet round bottom flask

I am Beaker

One of the good things about running a niche business, in the field of my passion, are some of the bits and pieces that pass my desk.

July 24th 2013:

June 3rd 2013:

April 17th 2013:

March 17th 2013:

June 3rd 2012:

A brief Overview- Soon to be published

Overview-Master Reaction
Acetic Acid+ Phosphorous trichloride-------------- >Acid Chloride

Sodium Acetate: Preparation
Vinegar + Bicarb of soda------>Hydrated Sodium Acetate

Phosphorous Trichloride: Preparation
Trisodium Phosphate + Calcium Chloride------>Calcium Phosphate
Calcium Phosphate + Carbon---------->calcium Phosphide..etc
calcium Phosphide + Chlorine--------->Phosphorous Trichloride !!!!

sodium acetate
Basic Supermarket Ingredients

Fizz, Boil & Bubble (very Loose witches of Eastwick Ref.)

boil and stir

Stir and then evapourate under heat, and let Thermodynamics take care of the rest


Boiled down solution to an inch of its life..(sodium acetate crystals appearing)


Filter at the Pump, (always wanted to say that)- No toxic Chems here!!!!
Pretty Crystals , Sodium Acetate. No re-crystallisations here, this is unadulterated product from Vinegar and Bi carb.It hydrates quickly this stuff, so It will have to be dried properly afterwards, maybe.

Onto the next section: TSP----> PCl3
cacl2 tsp
This is what it looks like when a solution of Cacl2(aq) is added to Na3Po4(aq)
You get an instand precipitate of Caclium Phosphate ( Yay, 1st Year chem, does has practical uses)

Crystals of Calcium Phoshate after filtering. Yay!!!
The full Paper on this whole prep, will come out, when I get more time.

Here's what happens when you hook up a Matress inflator/deflator to the side neck of a filter flask. It actually was a neat way of getting a vacuum, without using water, or a dedicated multivane Vacuum pump. I was quite impressed.

May 22nd 2012:


April 19th 2012:

I feel a bit guilty, that I never seem to find enough time, to indulge in my Experiments, and research, Even when on Holidays. So I have begun rewarding myself after work, with an hour or so of Chemistry.

The Beer came out great, tastes pretty nice, after 2 weeks in Bottles.
I am glad that the 20L vessels came to great use, and will be used again, to brew beer.

I know that I could slap a 4 outlet/jointed lid, on that vessel, a 1 metre Allihn Column with packings and fractionally distill the Methanol/Ethanol off, but I will wait till next batch, before any attempt at Whisky Synthesis, takes place.

I did read out of interest, that you can actually brew under reduced atmosphere, I got a few Journal articles from Journals, and was pleasantly surprised, that a theory I have been thinking off, has been tried by a few researchers.

You see, if you reduce the pressure, the Ethanol that is produced, during fermentation, can be distilled off, once it is formed, leaving the wort, essentially free of EtOH(Ethanol), So you won't get yeast death because of high Alcohol Content.

It is more hassles than it is worth, But opens the doors to continuous Alcohol production, as long as you, keep the sugars up.
I am doing a Glacial Acetic Acid Preparation from Vinegar and bicarb also, but won't post results until I can get it working 100% reliably.

Below is How the Beer actually turned out.
Sometimes with beer, you just fluke a good batch, we'll have to wait and see with this one.









April 4th 2012:

It has been such a busy month, but I am loving every second of it, so it's not so bad.
I have just finished setting up some Coopers Pale Ale brewing in a 20L Vessel, that I happended to have lying around.

There's no point, with everything just sitting there, doing nothing. So its just about bottling day, and after all this, I will fill up the flask again, for my first attempt at non ethanolic WHISKY,. I don't mind paying excise tax, for any ethanol I make, although,

I was going to throw away the Ethanol, and keep only the methanol.(sorry thats a really bad distillers Joke...!) Here are the pics.







March 14th 2012:

It has been a real busy month, back at 2nd year Uni, Quite stressed, so it is always good to dedicate the day, to my favourite pastime, Sciencesupply.

There has been heaps going on, I have met heaps more Manufacturers, well, actually am getting approached every other week by new and different Manufacturers.

Here are the first shots of our very own 2Ltre Hotplate stirrer.

Its always good to know, that in my condition, I just could not stomach, buying from someone, who buys off, a manufacturer. magnetic_stirrer
Vortex and heat application are excellent. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Heating Plate

Enough Power to heat 2L of Water, Solid Design All Metal, Custom Made 4 Us!


Photos of about to be released Hotplate Stirrer------OOhhhhhhhhhhh

Its nice to give us all access to some of the best and cheapest New labware out there.

Everything changes, there is more plastic stuff, these days, which I am not really a fan off.

Water aspirators(vacuum pumps) are on they're way, and was lucky enough to have a look at a all glass vacuum pump(Venturi).

Thankyou again to everyone that has helped over the last few months, it has been alot harder to get time, to run the business, like usual, because of study etc.

I truly hope that no one gets too upset, or loses faith, that they're products will take a long time to arrive.(Thats crazy talk).

This change in delivery, is only temporary, products on average are taking only 3-5 days to get deliver, and like someone told me today, Life is deeply unusual and amazing, stop fighting entropy, just let go, and unfold. The postman knows what he is doing.?
Here is a video of same. Please only download if you can bear the 13mb on your interenet account. I chose not to compress any further, as quality, is what I want to show.

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February 25th 2012:

So, after going through my sales demographics, it has come to my attention, that my main customers are Amatuer Chemists, then University students, and then Industry.

This is fine by me, as I once was an Amatuer Chemists, as were all chemists at one point. Please understand that you are all welcome here.

I am real person, not a mish mash(composite) of marketing BS, corporate lies & Greed.(like alot of other science stores throughout the world.)

I have complete control over my stock, and who I choose to do business with.
While I understand the contractual and commercial reality of corporate business, I'm pretty firm on the belief, that I want nothing to do with such Evils.

There are so many things I want to do, as I was discussing with a fellow Alchemist yesterday,. University should not have to be the prerequisite, for the pursuit of Chemistry. It helps, but, it is so formalized, that the fun has almost been completely sucked out of it. People run around stressed, and can't see the forest for the trees.

Just to do research in this country, one must surive primary, secondry, tertiary education, Geting through it with enough marks, to be considered for Honours, after finishing Y12, and then, and only then, if you are lucky, and complete Uni with a high enough GpA, then you may get asked to do A PHD, That entails, working on a project, that someone else has chosen for you, This takes around 3-4 years,. And even then after 8 years of specialised study, after Y12. After you were awarded a PHD, you then, still have to work for someone else, and join a research team, that may or may not, research things that, you really want to research.

I, 100% totally understand, and think, that there must be a alternative, and it must be made more acceptable.

Not everyone fits into this extremely narrow stereotype. People's brain chemistrys, homelifes, upbringings, are all different, and I am sure it gives all of us fellow passionate chemists great hope, that the answer to this whole dilema is...............

Amatuer Chemistry.

So there is hope for all of us. Some great chemists, have discovered boring patents to common agricultural problems, giving them a royalty income, which lets them, pursue, there own research. Some Amatuer Chemists work, like me, 9-5, to fund our research.

And I am damn happy about that. I spoke to the TGA, and Local Government bureucrats last month, involved in Licences required for research. And basically, as long as what you are researching, is not a controlled drug, and if you follow Chem storage, and basic OH&S, then my friends, We can be the Music Makers(Researchers).

And in fact, the irony is, that a semi educated, person, can, with a little hard work, choose his own research, with more precision, than most Post PHD Chemists, employed at some Chemical think tank.

Which brings me, to, something that has been on my mind for the last 20 years.

Lets discover something, that has never been discovered before.
I am sure that nature, specifically, Australia, Flora, has many sectrets begging to uncovered.

It is my sole aim, in life, to practice the art of chemistry, and I feel, that I am getting close, to my first official breakthrough.

February 13th 2012:

It gives me great pleasure to announce, that I am back at UNI, doing what I love, Chemistry.
Now that the business is set-up, its back to study for me, at Flinders University studying the remainder of my Extended Major in Chemistry.
All this means for my loyal customers is that I will become even more obsessed with my passion. Ordering times should not change too much, as is still in its early growth phase, and should continue to grow over the next few years, whilst at Uni.

Because the curriculum demands certain tools for study and research, I will probably add a few more items to our stock, to save my fellow classmates, the expensive prices that unibooks charges, for molecular models, and other general stuff.
All in all, I will try and share some of my experiences, especially ones, that revolve around design and synthesis of Compounds.

I read quite a bit last night on Aldol reactions, and all the different types of variations, ie Directed, Crossed, lithiated, and internal cyclizations. Alot of these reactions have subtle conditions, which effect outcomes, of which I would love to experiment with in the lab, to gain personall knowledge based on practical testing. Of particular intrest is the difference between kinetic and thermodynamicly stable enolates, catalysed by either acidic or basic conditions.

November 24th 2011:

Its a huge honour to nominated, for the 2011 Change Award, nominated by The department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Mission Australia.(DEEWR)

NEIS is Corporate Body, that funds Business's during thier Start-up Phase, and offers Business managment courses, and one on one Mentorship. I could not of done this without thier support.

The big glass shipment arrived last month, I still have not yet unpacked all of it, there is a heap to do, with Photography, Graphic Design, etc. If you can't find what you are looking for, there is a good chance that we have it in stock. This shipment is the motherload of Lab Glass, covering 90 new items, including Dessicators, Beakers, Vessels, Grad. Cylinders and heaps more.
Besides that it's pretty much business as usual.

September 7th 2011:

Lots of new products are currently being tested, and another interim shipment of closely suitable lab hardware, including bunsen burners, tripods, IR Probes, porcelin ware etc is on its way within 7 days. And another Glass shipment should arrive in 7 weeks or so.

We have found some really unique products that we think will help our customers, and have applied as much techonology to make things just a bit easier in the lab for you.

We won't stray too far, from these core products, so we are almost there, at having full stock. If you have research that you would like to share, we are going to start a highlights of Australian Research Section, where we will share/showcase your story of discovery or similar. Please email us with your research or story.

July 21st 2011: Updates
I just received the shipping papers this week, which means that the shipment, is less than a week or so, away.
We are just about to update the website, and flood the Online Shop with all our new products,. There is heaps of work to be done, but I am very proud to release 3 more new kits. There is a condenser kit, a Filtering kit, and a sep/add funnel kit.
We designed alot of these products from our own specs. so we are just as excited as our customers to see the end result fom our glassblowers.

New Products being tested:

We are currently testing a Perkin triangle and a dean stark adapter, as new products.
They are currently going through the design stage, and we will have a few early samples available later this year, so look out for them.
A perking triangle is the Ultimate device, for taking distillates off a vacuum distillation rig, without disrupting vacuum, or dismantling.They are very expensive, but we hope to bring the price down a fair bit.
A dean stark adapter, is commonly used to remove light fractions(ie water) in situ, to push reaction equilibrium in a certain direction.