Website sale

A Once in a Life Time opportunity.

We are going to auction off the Complete, turn key website, to the community.


10 years is a long time, and it is time for us to move on, have a sea change, and live this life. Sciencesupply, has given me, so much, and I would like to give the next owner the same..

I came from nothing. You can too.

Back in 2010/2011 , I was unemployed, and was invited to the NEIS small business scheme, funded by the South Australian government inititive. From there we grew, This business has given me everything I ever dreamed of. And all that was, was a house, that no one could take away from me.

Last month, that dream became a reality. I have never worked this hard in my life, and I would like to pass this on to someone, in a similar situation, who can persevere, and take this to the next level..


What is success.

Success to me, is Perseverance, simply that. If you have that, and can never let a customer down, and always do the right thing. And have the capacity, to achieve a dream, then this is for you.


I am not a conventional person, far from it. And thats the way, I like it, and it is the way, this business will be sold. Auctioned to not just the highest bidder, but the best fit for the business.


Who will this business suit?


Primarily, and most importantly: It will suit, someone that loves lab glass. This is the Key. I cannot stress that enough. This business will suit someone, who is high functioning and can work 12 hour days, for months on end, when needed. Someone that can reliably, check emails, and manage customers every day. (except weekends of course) or Someone that already owns a similar business with similar stocks, and wants to stop competition with us (ideal scenario - You know who you are)


How much can you make?


We have taken it from $0 per year to over ~$200k per year.
(total revenue : currently trending @ ~$250k)
And this is with only 1 person running the entire business. I would say 500k per year is possible, depending on your goals, and work load etc.


How much will we sell it for?


Excellent question, and I am glad you asked. To be honest, whatever we get. We know the general rule of thumb is to 2x the yearly revenue. So we could probably get $500k if we wanted, and waited. But we don't. We are going to set a 30k reserve, and whoever has the highest bid, and the best plan, will be the new owners. I am not a greedy person, but I would like to see this business grow and keep giving good glass to people that really need it. If it sells for $30k, then we are happy

What do you get for the $$$?? -Updated-
Stock now available

1) Complete ownership of WEBSITE, Domain name, host server, etc. Over 10 Years, we have a high Unique visitor count, on our website, and a great customer base. Last month stats: Unique visitors per month: 545,000 (research that to see the gold)

1a)  Option to buy the stock, if you request, as this seems popular. Stock is currently ~50k (decreasing every day)  -NEW!!!!!!!

2) Ownership off all marketing, Images, descriptions, all work down on the website, etc. This is what I am really charging for, the time it takes to creates the products, take photos, etc, list them.

3) All our suppliers, and introductions to them, etc.

4) EBAY: We are going to keep the eBay store for now, and use it to help to liquidate all our stock, but will not be selling laboratory Glassware anymore, and then we will be changing its name, so if you choose to open eBay store you can keep the sciencesupply name. You will need to create your own eBay store, and continue on from there. We are happy to pass ownership of all eBay images, and products to you, if that helps.

Current Stock: We will be selling the remaining stock on eBay, and this website until it has all been sold, or a new owner is found (website only so we encourage the next owner to Import his own glassware, through our normal suppliers, etc.

5) Because we are selling the package with a reserve of $30k, we feel this is a pretty good deal and would like to wish everyone the best of luck


On a Personal Note...

If you are tired, of the life you now live and want a change, and you have a love for science, glassware, money, and freedom, then this is ideal for you. This is a once in a lifetime chance, so I urge anyone, that dares to dream, to pay serious attention to this. I wish the best of luck to all bidders. Please email me Support@sciencesupply, to submit your Offer, and we will update the website to reflect that. We will then, choose the highest bidder over 30k to purchase the website, based on our choice, of the best fit. Goodluck to everyone. The highest bidder will not necessarily win the auction. It will be the best fit, to take this business into the future, so all Australians can have access to good glass. ,


So long, and thanks for all the Fish.......