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Corporate Clients and Universities

Our products are sourced from the best National and International Glassblowers, chosen by us based on the following criteria.

ISO Accreditation & Quality Assurance
High Working Quality & service standards, with no risk shipping damage
Years of experience as Master Glassblowers
Full insurance on all items, based on powerful warranty standards
Our internal experience, in sourcing quality glassware


It is important for all our corporate clients, to know, that there is NO risk, when dealing with us, as we guarantee all products, with immediate replacement or credit given.


Some of out clients, at this time include.

UniSA_South Australia
Flinders Univeristy
Adelaide University
ANU_ Australian Capital Territory
University of Queensland
UTAS_University of Tasmania
University of Melbourne
University of Southern Queensland


Corporate Clients

SA Water Adelaide South Australia
CSIRO Queensland
TPI Tasmania
Dyesol Australia (my favourite company)



All Glassware is manufactured under ISO 9001:2002 certification. The Quality Policy is continually reviewed, to keep up with the modern needs of the Industry.

We are always searching the world, for great quality lab glass, at a price that will probably shock most customers. So don't assume, just because it is inexpensive, that it is not excellent Quality.

We use our knowledge, as Glassware users, and have formed strong personal friendships with Master Glassblowers that are unique and deeply experienced over many decades of production.

We test and import all products

So if you are wondering why are we so competitive?, it is because we have done away with wholesalers.

Having a background in Science, and having studied an extended Major In Chemistry @ Flinders University, I feel there is much to be done, in the way of Glassware, in Australia.

We can offer your company dedicated personal support, quality reviewed Laboratory Glassware, and an intimate knowledge of Product, and manufacturing Process. We can organise one off Custom Glassware, for no more, than the mass produced common items.

Please consider us for your next Laboratory glassware purchases.

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